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Available classes are listed on the Home page with further details on the Programme page.  All classes are for one hour and cost £6.00, payable weekly as you attend

Frequently asked questions about classes (FAQs)

Q1:  Where are the venues? A1: The locations are described on the Programme page of this web site.  Click on the word “location” where it appears on the Programme page to see a map for the relevant venue.

Q2: Do I need a partner? A2: No, you can come on your own to any of our classes.

Q3: What do I wear? A3: Any smart casual clothes are OK. For shoes, choose some that are flexible, so that you can lift your heel off the floor, and with soles that will not stick to a wooden floor but allow you to pivot.  If you catch the dancing bug, then you can buy some proper dance shoes. (see Q7 below)

Q4:  Is it necessary to book a place for joining a class?  A4: No.  You can just turn up on the night.  However, if you want to phone, it is always nice to talk to you and answer any further queries you may have.

Q5: How do I pay?  A5: You pay as you come for each session.

Q6: Where do I park? A6: Notes on where to park are included in the location descriptions on the Programme page.

Q7: Where do I buy dance shoes? A7: There are two local shops: a) Dance World, 991 Christchurch Road, Boscombe East (opposite King’s Park entrance on the hill going up towards Pokesdown station).  b) Dancezie,10 The Triangle, Bournemouth.

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