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Private Lessons are  useful in the following circumstances:
You have missed some classes and want to catch up.
You want to learn one particular dance or sequence dance.
You are having difficulty mastering a particular figure.
Class times are not convenient for you.
You want to make faster progress than is possible in a class.
You want to learn your first dance for your wedding.

Private lessons are essential if:
You are studying to take Silver medal tests or beyond.
You are an experienced dancer already but want to enhance your skills, learn new figures and variations or revise work you have done in the past.
You are studying to take professional examinations.

Costs of private lessons are:
For a single person or a couple - 35.00 per hour
For a small group of people - by arrangement.
For professional coaching - by arrangement

Appointments should be made with Ann by phoning 01425 278121 or sending an email to . Payment to be made at time of attendance.


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