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Cosmopolitan Dance now have Saturday Social Dances at our new venue of St Mark’s Hall, Hinton Wood Avenue, Highcliffe, BH23 5AA. Directions to find this hall are given on the Programme page. Time 8:00 to 10:20pm and cost £5.50. Please note that there are a few Saturdays during the year when we are not at St Mark’s.  Please check these exception dates carefully on the Programme page.

About Social Dances

At our Social Dances you can enjoy Ballroom and Latin American dancing in the company of like minded people. They are friendly and relaxed occasions where you can meet friends who attend on a regular basis and where you can put into practice your dancing skills which you may have recently acquired in classes or private lessons or perhaps are long standing accomplishments.  There is no tuition during a social dance.  Most of the time is spent on Ballroom (Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Tango) and Latin American dances (Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba and Paso Doble).  We also include Argentine Tango and an occasional Viennese Waltz. Through the evening, some popular sequence dances will also be included .


The dance music is selected from a large range of CDs featuring the best of British and continental dance orchestras and compilations of popular music, of today and yesteryear, suitable for strict tempo dancing.


A lot of people who are dance enthusiasts holiday in the Bournemouth area because it is a recognised centre. They are very welcome to attend our social dances.  Sometimes we have visitors from abroad and it is always good to see them participating, having attended schools in their own country where international Ballroom and Latin are taught.


The dance floors is a good size. Refreshments, including teas, coffees, soft drinks and cakes, are provided during a short half way interval.


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